Current special exhibit

“Worlds of light – in manuscripts by Friedrich Nietzsche and paintings by Engadin artists” – Special exhibition as part of the joint project “Splendur e sumbriva – light and shadow in Engadin” organised by the association Chesas da cultura Engiadina.

Light is a lifelong theme of Friedrich Nietzsche. He both sought and feared it. His sensitivity to weather and light conditions determined his choice of where to reside. The longing for cloudlessness was a driving force for the headache-ridden philosopher. At the same time, the tireless wanderer was relegated to shady walks due to his extremely light-sensitive eyes.

Nietzsche’s philosophy also unfolded from the tension between the fullness of light and the play of shadows. Nietzsche’s preferred landscapes corresponded to the transitory nature of his thinking. They were centered on the pass landscapes of the Upper Engadine. Here he perceived the iridescent interplay of color and reflections, here his thinking is translated into the most diverse images of LIGHT: a dialog with his own shadow, a marriage of day and night, – all the way to the solitude of the Sun for him who is surrounded by the light.

Besides a selection of Nietzsche’s poems and letters on the subject, the exhibition features the works of key Engadine artists: Hannes Gruber, Jacques Guidon, Constant Könz, Ursina Vinzens.