Library / Archive

Description: The in-house library with its primary focus on Nietzsche has grown steadily since the Foundation was set up at the end of the 1950s and now contains more than 4,500 volumes. A large part of this growth was due to three major recent donations: the library of Oscar Levy, who was the first person to have Nietzsche’s works translated into English, the library of Nietzsche scholar Hans Erich Lampl and that of the antiquarian bookseller Albi Rosen­thal and his wife Maud Rosenthal-Levy. With these donations the library itself, and particularly the scientific value of the collection, has multiplied. The Nietzsche House library has become one of the best-sorted and most diversified as well as one of the very few truly multi-lingual Nietzsche collections in the world: it has books in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, Romanian, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and even Braille.
In February 2009, the Nietzsche House joined the Graubünden Library Association. Subsequently, the project to catalog the comprehensive book and document holdings online and according to international standards was launched. In the meantime, the entire collection can also be searched via the Internet in the online catalogue of the Grisons Library Network (search).

The House as a research center offers all Nietzsche specialists and other interested parties a professional infrastructure to facilitate their research and to prepare for a working stay at the Nietzsche House.

Terms of use: The House library is a non-lending reference library which can only be used by House guests. No books or documents may be removed from the premises.

Archive: A finding aid for the Nietzsche House archive can be found here. Further finding aids will follow.