Friends and Patrons of the Nietzsche House in Sils Maria

The Nietzsche House/ Sils Maria Foundation continues to finance the House without any public funding, solely from income generated by museum visits, book sales and room rentals.

Since the House was first set up, the Foundation has adjusted prices quite moderately, and it has been made a priority to continue this practice, “to be accessible to many people and humiliating to no one”, as Nietzsche once wrote. As prices are constantly accelerating and costs for maintenance and modernization are rising rapidly, such an ideal may seem to be a luxury. A very special kind of luxury, – here, too, according to Nietzsche – putting money at the service of intellect rather than vice-versa.

We invite you to share the Foundation’s view. Please join the Friends and Patrons of the Nietzsche House:

  • As a friend, you can visit the Nietzsche Museum and its exhibits free of charge.
  • As a patron, you also have free admission to the events of the international Nietzsche Colloquium at the end of September/beginning of October.
  • A newsletter will keep you informed of the Foundation’s current and future activities.

Join and give:

Friend (from CHF/€ 100 annual membership fee)
Patron (from CHF/€ 500 annual membership fee)

Joint donation with partner:

Friends (from CHF/€ 150 annual membership fee)
Patrons (from CHF/ € 750 annual membership fee)

Your donation supports and promotes…

… in exhibits:

  • long-term protection of valuable exhibits; project: converting to UV-safety glass display cases;
  • maintaining and improving documentation; projects: upgrading multilingual documentation and instructions; anti-reflective-glass display cases.


… in archives:

  • restoring valuable books;
  • sharing operating costs for archiving material, containers, shelves, labels, etc.;
  • procuring archiving software.




… in research:

  • the ongoing project of entering the entire holdings of our research library digitally as part of the Swiss Library Association. The goal is eventually to make the holdings electronically accessible from anywhere in the world;
  • setting up a fixed workplace in the library with a PC for research;
  • helping to finance low-priced working stays for young researchers at the Nietzsche House.


… in accomodations:

  • caring for and maintaining the building and its premises (e.g. restoration of furnishings; painting after a change in exhibits, acquisitions for the shared kitchen; improved lighting in the rooms, etc.).

    Membership application form

    I would like to join the Friends and Patrons of the Nietzsche House:

    as a friend (from CHF/€ 100 annual membership fee)
    as a patron (from CHF/€ 500 annual membership fee)

    Jointly with my partner/in

    as friends (from CHF/€ 150 annual membership fee)
    as patrons (from CHF/€ 750 annual membership fee)



    If this is a joint membership, please list the family name and first name of your partner.

    To hold down administrative expenses, I agree that the above-noted amount will be automatically debited to my account annually, unless I revoke this authorization.
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    This authorization can be revoked at any time. If the account cannot be debited due to insufficient funds, the bank has no obligation to pay.

    I will transfer the above-noted annual contribution to the Nietzsche House Foundation’s account.
    Stiftung Nietzsche-Haus, GKB, CH-7002 Chur
    Account-no. CK 251.210.600 774, IBAN: CH17 0077 4110 2512 1060 0, Swiftcode (BIC): GRKBCH2270A