The Nietzsche House largely owes its exhibits to generous donations. The donors include: the Oehler family (relatives of Nietzsche’s mother), Caroline Kohn (Paris/Maisons-Laffitte), Rudolf Koller (Zurich), Daniel Bodmer (Zurich), Cati Knaus (former owner of the Alpenrose Hotel in Sils). The German-British antiquarian bookseller Albi Rosenthal (1914-2004) and his wife Maud Rosenthal-Levy (1909-2007) of Oxford deserve special mention: they spent decades assembling one of the world’s most important collections of autographs, music pieces, photographs, first editions and editions signed by the philosopher.

When the Museum was opened in August 1960, Albi Rosenthal gave several items from his collection to the Foundation. Other permanent loans followed, until the entire collection was given to the Foundation in 1994.